Message from the Chairman of

Founder & Chairman FILLEO KAMRAN

Founder & Chairman FILLEO KAMRAN

Royal World

株式会社ロイヤルワールド 設立者 フィリオ カムラン 



We established Royal World Co., Ltd. to improve the health and happiness of all people.

People can aim for a successful life and learn communication and sales skills in order to improve themselves and realize that everyone is valuable regardless of country, gender, ethnicity, or religion.

If you understand and try Royal World's marketing system, you will be rewarded with health and happiness.

By eating natural foods (which are 100% organic) you can achieve genuine health and well being.

With today's diet, its really hard to find organic natural and nutritious food.
Royal World will endeavour to provide you all with real nutrition.

If you can control the path of your life firmly without relying on anyone, you will get the best lifestyle.
From the experience of communicating with many people and continuing to do business for 26 years
We have come to realise that all human beings are family and friends, and that everyone is a teacher and a student.
There are things to learn from everyone, there are also many lessons to teach.

It is important to continue studying, health, richness of life and happiness.

The most important thing is to 'believe in yourself' and have a lot of confidence.

Love your self so that people will love you more.

By doing this, learning will lead to self improvement and a prosperous life.
‘Supporting the best lifestyle for as many people as possible.’
This is the purpose of the Royal World business.
It is my wish for everyone to be healthy, rich and happy.


全ての人の健康と幸せを願いRoyal World Co., Ltd.を設立いたしました。


















Royal World Co., Ltd.

Founder & Chairman

Filleo Kamran